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About The Brazilian Polyglot

You can now become a The Brazilian Polyglot patreon and help us grow together.
At the moment, I’m just one little polyglot boy building a YouTube channel
and website on his own. I pay for everything out of my own pocket and
because there’s only one of me (and I can't afford to do all on my own) it takes a lot of time to produce learning materials for you.

But with your help, I can put out more videos, more articles, and even
more learning materials.

100% of your contribution will fund the behind-the- scenes building
of The Brazilian Polyglot.

Your contribution will fund stuff like:
- Better sound
(you guys have pointed out the sound quality issue so I went and bought a new mic)
- Animation/illustration software
(cartoons are fun and make it easier to learn/understand)

- Web-hosting
(it costs a lot to keep a website and as traffic grows the hosting will get pricier)
- Editing software (this will help speed up production and quality)

- The Brazilian Polyglot Crew:
As we get bigger, I’ll want to hire professional editors, cameramen, designers and so on to improve the quality of the materials

Your contribution will also help fund an exciting future for you, me, and the polyglot community and all language learners.

Become a patreon and you’ll be responsible for helping The Brazilian Polyglot provide even more value.
You’ll get exclusive goodies depending on what reward you choose.
And you’ll be forever in my heart.❤
Thank you so much for your support.
It means a lot to me and the growth of The Brazilian Polyglot is thanks to you.
Let’s see if we can grow it even more!

Lots of love,
MUITO OBRIGADO, Thank you so much!
Tharles Oliveira

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