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If you dig my music, have a couple extra dollars kicking around each month, and any of these things makes your heart happy…

  • me recording new songs
  • me honing my craft and creating better songs over time
  • me writing originals.. maybe even finishing albums…
  • my family thriving physically, emotionally, and ultra-spiritually
  • Supporting independent artists, positively influencing the music industry and benefiting society at large
  • Positively affecting lives in a personal & meaningful way

If you feel even a little bit warm and fuzzy about any of that… perhaps it’s time you became a distinguished Patron of the Arts. 

Thankfully, Patreon (founded by Jack Conte, super amazing genius guy) is a New Renaissance fan-funding micro-patronage platform for fans, artists and creative content-creators of all kinds to be of mutual value to each other. And what with all these fancy technologies and things... patronizing people has never been easier! :)


  • Patreon allows people who value my music to support it in an ongoing, easy, automated yet personal way, by patronizing me. :)  When you make a pledge of $1 or more, you become my distinguished patron, and I receive that gift from you each time I release something new. 
  • This form of exchange is unique and wonderful in many ways: it potentially allows me the peace of mind to relax (essential to creative flow). It allows me to shift more of my energies toward doing what I love and am most inspired to do — singing you songs to soothe your soul.
  • As a distinguished patron, you’ll have access to exclusive content (my patron-only newsfeed, MP3 downloads, and more).
  • You can pledge as little or as much as you feel like.
  • You are only ever charged when I release a new recording.
  • You can cancel or change your pledge at any time.
  • You are appreciated beyond words! <3

So check it all out, and follow your heart. :)
Thank you <3
$70 of $1,100 per song/cover/video
Quit my day jobs. Become a Real Musician. ;)
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