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About The Brothers Commonplace

Hey there, Honorary brothers and sisters!

Each week we bring action packed episodes on true crime, mysteries and other strange cases. We try to pack as much information and laughs to keep the show informative and exciting. By becoming a patron for the show, we want to bring the listeners some bonus episodes, videos, stickers, shout outs and as much fun stuff that we can! We also love hearing ideas and feedback from our listeners, so if you have any ideas for more Perks, get at us! 

Thank you everyone...and don't forget to laugh at the dark stuff! #Wildman
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Better equipment, we have recorded every episode, except for 2, sitting on the floor. 

**We will watch and review Joe Dirt 2!!

Also we hope to one day get a bunch of wild west photos taken of us...but that can wait. #WildWestMan
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