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About The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen

Hello and Welcome to The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen! 

We are so glad you are here and that you are are considering being a patron of our show.  
We have finally retired The Bulldozer Health Show, which was the previous show we created and aired on television, radio and online as podcasts.  In fact, it aired on the local NBC affiliate in Northwest Arkansas, reaching 40,000 viewers each week. On this show, I interviewed alternative health providers, individuals who found improved health via natural health methods and positive lifestyle choices, cannabis activists, physicians, and other health related activists.
The Green Zone TV is another show we have worked on.  It is an educational show (with humorous and entertaining twists) dedicated to medical cannabis.  We will revisit this TV show later in 2019 after the medical cannabis program in Arkansas is up and running.  

Presently, we've decided to take all of our experience and energy, and focus on our new live  TV show, radio show and podcast. This show airs on online, and 97.3 FM in Fayetteville, Arkansas every Wednesday from 6-7 PM Central Time.  The podcast version can also be heard on Soundcloud, @thewendyloveedgeshow.  It’s is also on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Anchor, Breaker, Podbean and many others. The video version airs on FPTV ( and on YouTube @thewendyloveedgeshow.  The show will air live on Fridays on Facebook 4:30-5:30 CST. 

The live show features Wendy and her co-host, the brilliant comedian Topher Kogen. The two met at FPTV, and noticed an instant bond and chemistry that is evident on the show today.  The show opens each week with a humorous and interesting exchange between the two that encourages healthy lifestyle, discusses current events and movies, and takes a candid and funny look at the challenges of life.  Listeners report finding this part of the show the most entertand fun, no matter what guests we bring on! That said, they always report how glad they were that they stayed for the health, music and in the green zone segments.
During these segments, a health guest and a musical guest are interviewed.  The musical guest often performs live in the studio to our delight, and sometimes they bring a CD or digital tracks for us to play and discuss.  Also featured in each episode is a segment called, "In the Green Zone", which like our TV show by that name, focuses on plant medicine, primarily hemp and cannabis.  

Please check out our new patron rewards, and thanks so much for your support.  

Peace and Love, 
Wendy Love Edge

Your patronage is tax deductible via the parent nonprofit company Bulldozer Health. EIN # 47-1321077
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Once our goal of $500 a month is reached, we can add more on location shows and appearances for our growing radio, tv show and podcast. 
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