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About The Byzantine Life

I was received fully into the Roman Catholic Church in 2013. After being renewed and reborn through the Mystery of Baptism as a baby, my Initiation was sadly left incomplete. Years of attending church as a passive spectator always left me feeling empty, yearning for the fullness of Christ. I can still remember the moment I first received the Holy Eucharist on that Vigil of Easter. I was home. Or at least I thought I was.

Only a year later, I met a young man, discerning the vocation of a monk. He introduced me to the theology and worship of the Christian East. Six years later, we are married, and he is in full-communion with the Greek Catholic Church. Our children, following tradition, have been received into the tradition of their father, and that’s how my life became Byzantine.

We like to spend our days praying with our collection of icons, lighting incense and singing the Byzantine psalmody to our brood. Our future shimmers with the glow of a candidacy towards married priesthood/presbyterahood, working daily in the Vineyard of the Lord. This glow, this feeling, compels me to write, publish and share in this blog.

May He whose Light illumined my mind and heart grace you as well. God is with us.

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