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Any good writer knows that handouts are always welcome!

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As a donator, you can help keep our services running and will be granted special access to some member only posts, including original, up-for-grabs writing prompts, which will be coming soon in the future once our first Supporter has subscribed to this plan.

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Every month, we'll evaluate one or two of your loglines, and if necessary, reshape them to provide you with the perfect one or two sentence pitch.  For novels, we can refine and reshape breakdown synopses as well.




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About The Campfire: Script & Storytelling Services

Welcome to the Campfire.  For a monthly subscription fee, you'll gain access to a professional screenplay and story analyst as your personal guide and mentor as you set about crafting your own award-winning stories.  Our analysts have provided their services to companies such as Paramount Pictures, MGM, Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, Screen Gems, Lionsgate, DreamWorks, Blumhouse, and some of the most prominent screenplay analyst companies available.  Each and every one of them is both a working screenwriter and a working screenplay analyst with ample experience.  From amateurs to studio pros, the creative forces behind The Campfire has assisted them all.  Let's make something special together!  For more information on our analysts, please send us a message, and we'll respond with their resume, providing you with professional reassurance before you commit to a service plan.  We're happy to help you with anything you require in terms of information and services.  Also, if you inform us on the genre of your project ahead of time, we will be happy to link you to an associated specialist in that genre for your required services.  Have a completed script you feel confident in and simply wish to get it made?  We also offer film production and marketing assistance.  We can link you with a production team and bring your short film project to life or connect you with an analyst who can shape the perfect pitch package for you to pitch your feature length script or novel to industry pros.  After your project is complete, you are welcome to cancel your subscription until you require our services once again. No matter what your storytelling needs are, pull up a seat, and warm yourself by the fire. 
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When the Campfire reaches $500 a month, we will begin a monthly newsletter for all of our subscribers.  Each newsletter will detail some of the common problems we have seen from our clients within the past two months and explore creative ways that one can work past these hurdles.  Any of our subscribers will be able to submit questions to be covered and answered within this newsletter.
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