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About The Caravan Of Lore

The Caravan is a podcast showcasing the unexplained; supernatural, paranormal and lore. We will be bringing you a weekly show featuring guests who have had real experiences with the things you once thought only existed in your dreams. Dogman, Sasquatch, ghosts, haunted locations and more await you every Tuesday night at 8pm ct.

The podcast is a FREE weekly show, this is a passion of ours. The world is full of strange and beautiful things and we believe you need to know the truth. This is our 'why,' this is our inspiration. It is amazing what real people are experiencing in this world and even more amazing when we all come together. 

Your contributions will help to maintain the website and to continue hosting the podcast, it will also help in being able to bring you a unique interactive podcast and bring back the nostalgic magic of old time radio. 

We have gift boxes with protection salt, sacred sage and on location souvenirs and want to eventually bring you customized merch with our art/name and logo on the items. We love creating and sharing behind the scenes, bonus content with extra discussions and stories and so much more. 

Lady Ann's  desire and passion is to work and put her all into this podcast and the listeners and coming closer to the truth, by contributing I can achieve this as well as website maintenance, editing, photography, interviews, travel, extra content like my story telling videos, as well as bring me closer to achieving another one of my dreams and produce a book related to all the experiences I have had and encountered since childhood. 

Heather Moser grew up in the foothills of Appalachia. She is a classics professor, author, and researcher. Her areas of study include moral panics, particularly related to the Bacchic cult during the Roman Republic and the European Witch Craze of the 14th-17th centuries, the fluctuation of Julius Caesar's memory throughout history, the preservation and transmission of Appalachian folklore, and lore related to and evolving from cursed objects.

Diving into her Appalachian roots, Heather is an active member of the Writer's Conference of Northern Appalachia as well the literary journal Northern Appalachia Review. She has also served as a guest author and narrator for Steve Stockton's Thirteen Past Midnight podcast. An ongoing contributor to the Weird Writer blog for Into the Fray Radio podcast as well as here at The Caravan, her work covers folkloric elements from different time periods and cultures. Heather is also a researcher for the film production company Small Town Monsters, assisting with films such as MOMO: The Missouri Monster and upcoming The Mothman Legacy.

We cannot express how honored we are to be a part of such a unique community, we love our paranormal and podcasting families and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and contributions.
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By reaching this monthly amount this enables us to bring you an interactive high quality encounter. We will be able to upgrade our equipment, afford to come to you each week with new and exciting stories as well as all create bonus content, extra episodes and more! We adore our listeners and want to show you just how much we appreciate your patreonship as well as bring all of us closer to the truth. 

We are ready and willing to make this our full time jobs, by reaching this amount we can.
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