The Castle Hunter is creating a live journey through Scotland's history

Bass of Inverurie

$1 /mo
Though only the earthen motte that the tower once stood on now remains, yours is the first and most essential form of castle in Scotland. While modest, it affords essential security in a hostile la...

Smailholm Tower

$3 /mo
Reivers and raiders are about, but this tower packs enough of a punch to deter all but the boldest of them. This lets you focus on other things, such as...


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Castle Tioram

$5 /mo
Built by the Norse-Gaels, this castle may be simple but with massively thick walls it’s stronger than anything seen before it. Combined with a few war galleys, this castle allows you to rule the wa...

Duffus Castle

$10 /mo
You have re-cast your timber motte-and-bailey in stone, making it a formidable fortress and proving beyond all doubt that you’re a force to be reckoned with in the north. Such strength entitles you...

Yester Castle

$20 /mo
Said to have been built by a wizard’s goblin legion, the dark mystery of this place is an even stronger deterrent than thick walls – which it also has! Send forth your goblin thralls to seize...

Fyvie Castle

$35 /mo
A new level of opulence, this baronial castle evolved over hundreds of years from a simple tower into a fortified, elegant residence to make a high-ranking laird proud. By right, its laird possesse...

Tantallon Castle

$50 /mo
10,000 men could besiege you only to break like the waves below, and even the king shudders at the prospect of facing you. Such a mighty fortress brings with it a fearsome reputation, allowing you ...

Dunnottar Castle

$75 /mo
A place of strength since before Scotland existed, Dunnottar inspires awe in all who see it and dread in all who dare assail it. A truly legendary castle, its vaults contain …    

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Stirling Castle

$100 /mo
You are master of the most important castle in Scotland. Your royal seat has cast its shadow over countless nation-forging battles, and no other can claim such an exalted position. As king or queen...