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About The CEO Library


All high achievers have one thing in common: they're avid readers. A book suggestion that comes at the right time can be life changing. However, not all books are great for your current needs and context.

Our mission at The CEO Library is to help you save time and accelerate your learning process in this new era of constant noise.

We'll guide you towards the best books that will make a difference in your life, those recommended by people who are among the best in the world in their area of expertise. We'll force you to question your assumptions and help you improve on all levels: professional, personal, spiritual and physical.

When everyone in the world has access to the same abundant information, curation of the best books and resources, tailored specifically for your needs, will make you gain an unfair advantage.


Every month, we're helping high-performers across the world figure out the best books that will help them develop their skills. Here's how:

  • Our best efforts go in the content created for our newsletter. There's where we send curated resources and ideas extracted from the best books in the world. We put them into context, with insights learned from our personal experience, and practical steps to start implementing them right away.
  • We're interviewing leaders and learn what books impacted their journey, what they learned, how they applied those lessons in their day-to-day life, and what mistakes they made. Since 2017, we talked to over 200 entrepreneurs, investors, C-level executives, creatives and other people we look up to.
  • We create lists with the best non-fiction books on various evergreen subjects, such as future of work, learning how to learn, how to build resilience, and more. We give enough information to help you figure out if and why those books might be relevant in your particular situation.

The CEO Library was started in the summer of 2017 by Cristina Chipurici and Bobby Voicu, two longtime friends and avid readers (with completely different book preferences :) ).


If you value what we do and want to help us reach even more people in the future, you can contribute by donating a small amount - anything you can spare, really. Our subscription plans start at $3/month and you can cancel any time you want.

Our best content is available for free, but we do try to offer extra value to those who support us on Patreon:
- we organize workshops on personal development topics, such as digital detox and wellness.
- we also schedule calls and meetings - 1:1 conversations, where we talk about big, life-changing ideas and what we learned from books. small talk is forbidden!
- we created an agenda (blank pages, for true brainiacs! :) ) where you can write down the ideas you learn in the books you read
...and more.

Thank you! Never stop learning & don't forget that life's too short to waste it reading mediocre books.

- Cristina & Bobby
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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