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 Beautiful Squidling, Welcome to the Shoal. Even showing the minorest support you have started yourself on the way to becoming an Elder God and have gained access to Shoal-only pleasures and a fathomless appreciation from the Great Eldritch Squid themselves - the Hedonist 

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Beautiful Squid, Welcome to the Shoal. You're right at the cusp of becoming one of us and for that congratulations and thank you from one Old One to its brood. Along with all lower-tier rewards, you will receive a personalized audio "thank you" for your support as well as access to any NSFW images hosted.
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Hello my Entity. You have ascended to the Cosmos where Shoal swim the abyss. In addition to lower-tier rewards, you will receive a audio of a narrator reading your choice of short story or poem by your choice of narrator. 

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First of all, Squidlies, thank you for all that you do for us and breathing life into new endless worlds. That being said we're going to evolve and make these worlds even more real and beautiful and more terrifying. 

The Hedonist hides in a people suit and works as a part-time human to survive on this strange planet. Living in an atmosphere not particularly designed for you tends to wear and tear and leaves only enough room for the most necessary human thingies. That being said, the Hedonist wants to be able to do more!

New resources, New equipment, New Voices and most of all more time to bring the best of us to all of you.

In Addition to the tier rewards you will get exclusive access to artwork, concept designs and behind the scenes stuff for TCH! 

So with that on the table, with your help, you will be supporting the best content they can possibly create and a few exclusive goodies for the most loyal of followers that will grow as the brood grows!
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A Fairly easy goal as this is the basis of what the Cerebral Hedonist needs to create all the wonderful worlds they wish to share with you without breaking your back (or theirs) for it! They will be able to purchase new equipment, purchase a domain for  and set up an actual studio! But most of all, they can devote TIME to all the things you and they love. They want to give you quality content for you to enjoy and if we work hard together, we can bring these worlds to life.
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