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About TheCFIGuy

I am a NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor, Gold Seal CFI-IA/MEI and an AOPA Outstanding Flight Instructor and Distinguished Flight Instructor Award recipient.

Prior to all of this, I dreamed of being a video editor and audio engineer. Now I can combine both of my passions into something that can be used to entertain and benefit others. 

I strive for quality, professionalism and superb instruction in everything I do. Every video and blog is layered with references to FAA and/or other reputable reading resources. Since pilots strive to be more knowledgeable, it is my duty to educate and point curious minds in the right direction!

Make sure to check out for additional training aids. Thank you all for visiting this page and supporting TheCFIGuy!
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Once we hit this $150 goal, I can add two additional video angles and eliminate the need for borrowing equipment to produce videos. Additionally, I can upgrade our main "headshot" camera to a DSLR. In turn, I will also to add additional content, including blogs and videos, to TheCFIGuy channel and website.
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