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About The Changed Podcast

Welcome to the official Patreon of The Changed Podcast!

The idea behind The Changed Podcast is to catch a glimpse into a collective definition of change, and what it means to either be changed, spark change, or interpret the changes that just happen life, as guests are prompted with the question: “Will you tell us a story from one moment in your life, where everything changed?”

Read the full story of how the podcast was born here.

This Patreon exists to build a community of invested listeners who are interested in getting philosophical, getting nerdy, swapping stories about the important moments in our lives, and who ultimately want to see our world changed for the better.

The Changed Podcast is completely available to the public to listen to for free (and will always be that way), however as will be no surprise to you, money absolutely can open doors to helping this podcast get better and better and better (which ultimately comes back to you as a listener and fan of the show)! But money isn't the only thing that helps podcasts change and grow. Community input from fans and listeners does. 

It is as a member of this community that you are in the greatest position to help influence the direction of the show, the kinds of stories you hear and ultimately to make this podcast the best it can possibly be! In addition to contributing a small membership fee, you'll have the opportunity to contribute your smart thinking, your great ideas... and perhaps some stories and inspiration of your own.

Thank you for support.

Let's collect some impactful, inspiring, and informative stories of change together.
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Once we have 50 friends and patrons we'll add a monthly segment featuring audience members pivotal moment stories!
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