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Your job is to start helping build the ideas with your time. Come talk to us, help make meetings happen to plan out what else is possible.

Operation Noise Toaster

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Help out with making Operation Noise Toaster happen. Pay $5 or more as a patron and all the money will go to cover ONT events only.

Please remember you can specify more than $5 in the options :)

Event funders

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Help us pay our musicians and the spaces we use. Help us with gas and make these times not cost us more than our labor of love time.

For the time being, any patronage for this tier will be going to Operation Noise Toaster.




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About The Chaos System

So why did i ask you to come over to Patreon for support? Don't we have a big sound system? Aren't we already building up the technical capacities of what we do all the time? Well sure... But it's just a couple of people, and some people help with other details with their free time and love of musical production. This is a labor of love and just a few people prioritizing time and money to offer a vehicle for expression to others. But it is about more than just that. More than just a fun time at an event.

The Chaos System is an idea... Yes of course it’s equipment, but what is the equipment for?

It’s easy to take good quality gear and make some business model so one can extract capital from people at a venue. You can find those kind of places all over the Phoenix valley. It’s fine. It’s what people do. But it’s not that interesting. It’s not that connective.

The mission with the Chaos System is to facilitate the best quality of sound with the most access. We strive to make available a setup to make you sound as good as possible without also forcing everyone to pay so much to go that often many can’t. We want to allow up and coming talent that is finding its sound an opportunity to sound better than the places that do cost the most to gain access to. We want to give these acts a record of this time as well by making sure to film and record every show.

The Chaos System is building a foundation of community first, and an economy and access that supports that community and artists. It means that we still don’t have a permanent space, but we are looking. It means that as this concept grows we’ll want to create a community center for every kind of artistic expression, not just music. But music brings us all together like nothing else, and we can make it sound great with one of the best sound systems in the valley. We want a space for you to fire your pots, to make your jewelry, to print your cool shirts and make neat clothes; to do poi and fire practice, to have yoga classes and learn to grow food; to share all of our skills and abilities through classrooms of experienced people sharing their knowledge to others in a way no institutional form of education can every bring to the table; to build an economy based on doing things we enjoy and not just have to to survive, but to love doing it! So many things are possible with a collective effort!

This concept requires support. The support of a community of people who want to contribute to what we are trying to accomplish. People who see what we are doing and understand that we are always trying to improve the level of opportunity what we do gives others.

But we need you! We need organizers and cheerleaders and social media gurus and business people, and marketing experts, and people who care about community and the arts who want to invest not only time but money as well. We need a space to host all kinds of creative endeavors that will build connection and economy simultaneously. We need you the help us get away from value defined as what we can afford to buy, and instead focused on using that capital to make spaces for living as creative beings, not just as workers in a big machine that alienates and reduces human value to how much labor value you have. We need your investment to enable us to build this idea into something bigger than any one person's dream, but the organic dreams of a collective of people looking for a life with a deeper meaning than what is sold to us. We need you to help us give people the opportunity to define their own value through interdependent connection.

This is just a preliminary description, and The Chaos System is a place to start gelling the ideas. Eventually we'll build a bigger Patreon for all the things being talked about, but please look at the videos we have made so far regarding the sound aspect and see if you can understand what we are trying to accomplish and imagine what we still can if this idea is applied to all kinds of creative and social functions. The focus in this place will be about building out the equipment needed to have tons of live and studio applications for musical creation and performance. But this is small stuff. With you we can actualize something fundamental to what makes being human worth it. More ideas of what we'd like will be posted when we tell you what we still need... So stay tuned and i hope you appreciate everything you've checked out so far!

Help us build the bigger picture!

$103.19 of $200 per month
Pay our volunteers (monthly)...

We don't do the model of employee/employer. We have a system of people trying to build cool events. Everyone involved pays out of pocket to make this happen.

What we'd like to be able to do is cover the basics plus a bit more to make it so these events don't cost anyone anything monetarily.

$200.00 is a low goal for a monthly expense. We only fully commit to 1 or two events per month currently, but this is partly because throwing these events isn't cheap. If we had a bit of extra capital to give to the people who help move the system, both with their vehicles and with their hands, then we could start opening up the option for more shows on the regular.

This would still be a stop gap to the previous goal of getting a space to host the system. But even then we want to be able to throw a bone to the people that dedicate their time and resources to make this all happen.

Help out our helpers! If there is only one goal to dedicate your capital to early in the game, it's this one. Make it worth while for everyone involved to do this and to continue to do this.

$200.00 Monthly
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