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About Guitar Tutorials & Lessons with The Chord Basher

Hi, my name is John aka The Chord Basher and I am a guitarist and music producer from the Midlands (U.K). About a year ago, I was delivering a music workshop in a local school and was ask about guitar lessons. This particular young lad (lets call him Joe) explained that his family couldn't afford to pay for him to have guitar lessons and wondered if I could help. Joe is not alone in his predicament, as there many people both young an old who simply can't afford one to one guitar lessons. This inspired me to set up a YouTube channel to help people like Joe learn new skills and songs on their guitars. As I have a full time job running an creative learning company, my channel is slowly growing in the background. I aim to post a least one video a week. 

If you are able to contribute to my channel in anyway or would like exclusive guitar song tutorials, please get in contact and I will be happy to help. Thanks :)