The Cipher is creating hip-hop podcasts

Unsigned Hype

$1 /mo
This is how you get access to our monthly bonus episodes.

Signed Hype

$2 /mo
In addition to bonus episodes, with each episode we release, you'll get access to the playlist Shawn puts together on Spotify while researching.  This is way more than just what goes into an episode. 

This tier will be replaced by the $10 tier, please update.

$8 /mo
A VERY limited edition giant vinyl Cipher sticker.

Show and Prove

$10 /mo
In addition to lower tiers:

This is the real deal here!
- Sweet Vinyl Sticker

- Group chat room, w/monthly session

- Access to old bonuses

- Access to old Spotify resear...


Up and Comer

$25 /mo
In addition to lower tiers:

- Monthly group Skype w/ Shawn/Josh

- Special email address for Shawn/Josh who will answer your questions whenever possible.

- Once there are 5 Subs at ...


Big Baller

$100 /mo
In addition to everything from previous tiers:

-1/month  1 on 1 Skype for 1 hour with Shawn (or Josh) to discuss hip-hop, podcasting, or whatever, or both of us, if we are available togeth...

Top 5

$200 /mo
Attend an interview each month as a production assistant. (Travel is on you, of course)


$1,000 /mo
Pretty much anything you want, within reason.  Come hang out at recordings.  Take us to dinner.  Buy us furs. Shiny things.  Invisible cars. Whatever.  Just ask. (We reserve the right to say no.)