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is creating Artwork such as photography and abstract drawing
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Giving up that cup of morning joe for a starving artists.....Thanks. 
" Sunset Over Lake Erie"
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For a mere 3 dollar pledge. I will email one of my first scenic photographic works called "Sunset Over Lake Erie". 
My First Work of Art
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I have always been a starving artists.  But, for 7 bucks I will mail you a copy of my very first drawing.  Oh, yeah.... It's pretty good. 

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About The Cleveland Artists

I am a starving artists from Cleveland, Ohio.  I would like to fulfill my dream of creating a comprehensive series of photos for a collection of artwork called Beauty Hiding Abound.  I would like to start by creating artwork around Cleveland, and have a web collection of photos.  I would eventually enjoy travelling to exclusively compile more images and stories for a new collection.  My project would take about a year.  I am seeking patrons that are immersed in the journey of art.  I would also like to document my artwork on a webpage by blogging and using videos.  My first goal is to obtain a quality video camera.  I would also like to highlight Beauty Hiding Abound by immersing people on a journey through artwork so they can feel the creative process step by step. 
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I would like to try podcasting and create a dedicated webpage. 
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