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About TheCodePlayer

About TheCodePlayer
TheCodePlayer is a unique website which teaches people to create cool stuff using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and more.

1. To focus on quality content rather than traffic generation.
2. To worry about learners rather than advertisers.
3. To research, explore, and build stuff of high educational value but low monetization prospects.

My first goal is to make TheCodePlayer advertisement free and improve it towards providing a better experience to everybody. If I am able to reach $500 worth of contributions per walkthrough from this campaign, it will help me cover the basic costs for maintaining the website without advertisements.

We are partnering up with Patreon where you can contribute to our project.
1. You can contribute as little as $1 per walkthrough published. With a maximum of 2-3 walkthroughs per month, that's less than the price of a burger.
2. If you really believe in TheCodePlayer and think that it can create a huge impact you can increase your contribution to any level that suits you.
3. You can share our Patreon profile among your friends and social profiles to help us reach a broader audience.

No risks :)
1. You contribution is only paid if new content is published.
2. Can cancel anytime.
3. Can set an upper limit if you are worried about 1000 walkthroughs getting published in a month.

I hope to get great support from people all around the world to grow this project into a goldmine for coders. Your contribution will help me focus on creating great content and taking this project ahead with greater speed.
$15 of $500 per Walkthrough
Ads will be removed from the website.
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