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About The "The Coming Storm" Team

The Coming Storm is a OTL scenario Mod for Hearts of Iron IV, which covers the years between 1905 and 1933. This mod focuses on adding considerable depth to politics, ideological competition, historical events, social changes, deep focus trees, and a plethora of decisions over the base game against the backdrop of the diplomatic double dealing, revolutionary fervor, and ardent nationalism that led to the outbreak of the Great War.

The period between the start of the Russo-Japanese War, and Hitler's Rise to power was one of the most unstable and formative periods in history. In 1905 the world was, relatively, at peace: experiencing an age of liberal optimism, economic growth, great power hegemony. But underneath this facade of peace and prosperity, enormous changes were taking place. The aristocracy, long the arbiters of political power and cultural taste were in decline, undone by industrialization and democratic empowerment. New technologies, like the Airplane, Airship, the 24 hour factory, the automobile and industrial resource extraction were changing the ways people worked and traveled. The concord in Europe was belied by the competition between the great powers, and an arms race portended the coming calamity. By the early 1930s, everything had changed: new nations and ideologies had emerged, and the old regimes and social structures had perished.

In this mod, players will be able to guide their countries through this frightening time, and play through a detailed, politically-tense world brought to life through painstaking research and detailed writing. The philosophy of the mod is that peace time should be as complex, tense, and enjoyable as war.

Players will be able to:

-Lead a nation through the byzantine diplomacy of great power competition, as Germany, France, Britain, the United States, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Italy, Russia, or Japan.

-Harness Balkan nationalism and attempt to unite the Serbs, Bulgarians, Greeks or Romanians, Or heal the Sick man of Europe and rescue it from its long decline.

-Experience the changes wracking the world through extremely-detailed focus trees, decisions, parliamentary systems, rebellion mechanics, and events.

-Manage the crisis points of Europe: Fight in a Great War that could begin over Morocco, the Agadir Crisis, Bosnia, the Assassination of the Archduke, and many, many more, or attempt to avoid the Great War entirely!

-Destroy, or save, the decaying Porfiriato in Mexico!

-Lead China through the twilight years of the Qing Dynsaty, work to steady the dying empire, or work to destroy it. If it dies, the young Republic of China will be unstable, will it succeed or fracture into a bloody warlord period?

-Guide Russia through an age of revolution! The Tsar's power has been in decline for years, will the 1905 revolution be successful? Will the Imperial system reform? Will the bolsheviks seize power, or not?

-Play though the multi-sided Russian Civil War, seek aid and international recognition for your provisional government!

-Lead the United States through isolation, or intervention, to take its status as a new global power, without upsetting the delicate political balance at home!

-Join the Central Powers or the Entente as the diplomatic safeguards preventing an outbreak of war begin to crumble!

-Play through two alt-history start scenarios, From the Barricades, a world where the Paris Commune won a victory against all odds, or Red October, where the Russian Empire collapsed under the pressure of the 1905 Revolution!

- And much, much more!

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