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Number 6 - Heartfelt Gratitude

$1 /mo
Number 6 is, appropriately enough, the 6th best tier and it's the one that will earn you our heartfelt gratitude! NEW: It will also allow you to listen to the maki...

Number 5 - Early Access

$2 /mo
Number 5 is the tier where you'll get early access to each new Episode before it officially drops on Tuesday 5pm AWST. The moment it is edited and published, it will be upl...

Number 4 - Back Catalogue

$3 /mo
Number 4 is where you get access to previous episodes of the Countdown that long ago disappeared from our server. Now bear in mind, the Eps are rougher than those we produce...

Number 3 - Review It!

$5 /mo
Number 3 is where you get to start shaping the show's content. All patrons who pledge $5 or more will get to choose a film to be reviewed by us that will either appear here as bonu...

Number 2 - Behind The Scenes Pass

$10 /mo
Number 2 is the level at which you will get to know The Countdown warts and all. We've been recording some behind the scenes content that was either cut for time or not film-related enough. So expe...

Number 1 - Name Your Countdown!

$20 /mo
Number 1 is the tier when YOU get to pick a Countdown! Patrons at this level will get to pick a Countdown topic upon pledging that we will do a full, released Ep on. We only ask th...