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Apprentice patrons at The Crafty Dice workshop gains access to the basics of each released content, nothing more, nothing less. Good enough to start collecting and to be a part of this community.

This tier contains the following:
  • Basic variants of my released content
  • Some of my previously released maps
  • Vote on map polls
  • Patron Discord access
  • Basic website access( )
  • My thanks for supporting me!
Includes Discord benefits


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Being a tinker at The Crafty Dice workshop grants you access to much of my released content, should contain everything you need to set up an exciting adventure and get inspired for your own creations.

This tier contains the following:
  • Basic + additional map variants
  • All previously released maps
  • Vote on map polls
  • Patreon Discord access
  • Elevated website access ( )
  • My thanks for supporting me!
Includes Discord benefits


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Artisans in The Crafty Dice workshop have access to all my map variants, additionally you will get access to FoundryVTT-packs and Printable-PDFs.

This tier contains the following:
  • All map variants
  • Foundry VTT-ready maps (Coming start of 2021!)
  • Printable PDFs (Coming start of 2021!)
  • All previously released maps
  • Occasional bonus content & updates
  • Vote and add suggestions for map polls
  • Patron Discord access
  • All website content ( )
  • My thanks for supporting me!
Includes Discord benefits

About Crafty Dice

Welcome to The Crafty Dice!

Short version: I create battlemaps for tabletop games! Check examples below and join!
I have always had a passion for role playing games, detailed drawings and level design, and with my background from game design I really felt that drawing battlemaps was my calling when I started up early 2019. Two years later when 2021 came along I'm still going strong thanks to my fantastic patrons! Now with a new fresh style, FoundryVTT-ready maps and a focus towards versatile, interesting and tactical battlemaps! Flavor text and locations are inspired from the Eberron-setting, but the versatile maps will fit many settings.

You can join my Patreon for as little as $2 / map-pack, you even get access to all my previously created maps for the tier you select! If you're still not sure if this is a good deal, every paid map-pack has a free preview so you can check them out before you join, or take a look at the examples below!

What will you receive?

You will receive 2-3 detailed battlemap-packs with lots of variations each month to enhance your tabletop games. I also run a Snappy Maps series which is simpler maps free to all patrons, as well as the occasional bonus content or collaboration with other awesome creators!
If you choose to support me you also gain access to all my previously created content, as well as all new packs for as long as you remain a patron. Packs area easily available to download from both Dropbox and Google Drive.

High VTT focus!

My maps are easy to use, optimized and scaled to fit perfectly with most Virtual Tabletops, additionally in February 2021 I started to supply FoundryVTT-ready modules for my Tier 3+ patrons (Artisan or higher), maps already configured with walls and lighting, ready for you to export right into your campaign!

Here's a couple of recent creations, divided by tier:

Steampunk Airship

City Gate (Sharn Gate)

Temple Ruins (Dhakaani Ruins)

Historically I've also created a lot of assets, props and an online editor to create your own buildings / rooms. This is all available for download, but going forward I'm narrowing this Patreon to be about battlemaps. Another Patreon will be focusing on the online editor and launch sometime in 2021.

To see even more of what I create, check out these resources:

How does Patreon work?

Patreon is a platform which enables me to easily share my creations with you and be able to get a small payment in return. I offer a variety of tiers with a range of benefits, this way you can choose how much you'd like to spend.
Each month I release 2 to 3 creations, if you decide to pledge you set how many releases you'd like to support. The higher tier you select, the more content will be available, and the more functionality is opened up in my tools and website.

Check the video down below if you still have questions regarding how Patreon work:

57% complete
This is my goal for the year 2021! It might be a bit hairy, but I'll do everything I can to reach it. 
When I'm about half way to this goal, I'll have a poll for my tier 4 patrons about what I should do when the goal is reached! :D
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