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Cubist fan

$1 /mo
Thank you very much for helping The Cubist stay on the air! Every little bit counts, and The Cubist appreciates your support! You'll get your name added to the Thank You page on our website so we c...


$5 /mo
You are an official Cubicle! You'll get a special shout-out on the show and your name enshrined on our website on the thank you page! Thanks for helping keep us going!

Corner Cubicle

$10 /mo
You're a Corner Cubicle (which everyone knows is a prime spot in the Cube Farm)! You get a shout-out on the show and the website, and The Cubist will send you a personalized thank you card that mig...

Private Office (Sponsor)

$15 /mo
You've graduated out of the Cube Farm and have your own (totally virtual) private office because you're now a Sponsor of the show! You get a shout-out on the show on a regular basis,

Corner Office (Advertisement Sponsor)

$25 /mo
You are now a Premium Sponsor of the Show! You get not only regular shout-outs on the show and website, but we will run ads for whatever boardgame-related product or service you want us to run duri...