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About vlzvl

Who am I?
Hey there!
I am Sabbas Eleftheriadis aka vlzvl, 39 years old geek and programmer.
Coding is what i do, CRPGs is what i play and rock/metal is what i listen to.
My other hobbies involves online poker, reading books and developing a 3D engine.

My background
I develop programs for a long time, from around 1995 when i got my first 486-66mhz.
I come from the golden age of CRPGs, black screens and MIDI sounds and i have a pretty clear image of the product i'm trying to build and i am hopelessly dedicated.

What i do here?
I am trying to create a retro RPG in the likes of Might & Magic 3-5 and Eye of the Beholder series, the most loved games i were  lucky to play back then. Nowadays, there are many dungeon crawlers out there for everyone. However, my goal is to make an RPG that feels & plays exactly like the old legendary games and not a caricature for quick bucks and temporary buzz.

I code in C/C++ on MinGW-w64, using Notepad++ as an editor, Paint.net for my (limited skill) designing and Virtualbox for portability to other systems (linux, mac, ios, android).

Why Patreon?
I was always developing staff free of charge, mostly for myself or for a close circle, only to find that i was left with a dozen half-finished projects in a period of at least 15 years. What i was missing was the involvement of others in my work to keep me interested and i think Patreon is the best tool to do it. Plus, its maybe time to get paid for something i love doing for years.

Where the money will go?
I am fully dedicated to the projects and profession i love. All the money will be going to purchase graphics and resources in general, or better, hiring others for doing the parts i am unskilled for making the game i am dreaming.

Thank you for your support!
Sabbas Eleftheriadis aka vlzvl

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