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Welcome!  So, it appears this project is underway. So, after hearing about Patreon on Donald Miller's podcast, I figured I would create my page to track my fans. This place can help. Now, full disclosure, I am being paid for Happy Headlines.. and as I write this.. I am HOPING it becomes good money soon. ( lol.. at the beginning it won't be) BUT this place.. will track fans, and if you reach the 1st tier, you will get rough cuts, edits... and most importantly.. just a goofy podcast talking about the day. Once the equipment is running, why not? Right? So... you help me get a cup of coffee AND you hear me...  just rambling for who knows how long. My mom always wondered how I can just ramble for as long as I did. ( She would listen to my NOSSA podcast. My parents have always been my biggest fans. Miss you, mom) Anyway.. thanks for supporting me. More to come down the road!

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