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About The Deglutenizer

Who are you and what do you do?
Hello, and welcome to my Patreon! My name is Jamie, and I’m The Deglutenizer! I’ve been a home cook and baker since I could reach the stove standing on a stool. In 2012 after a history of gastritis and other inflammatory conditions, I removed gluten from my diet.

Since I went gluten-free, I’ve often struggled to find good gluten-free products in stores. Baked goods taste like cardboard and have no discernible texture, many products must be frozen, and the prices are astronomical for smaller servings and incomplete nutrition. I’ve developed my own gluten-free recipes for my favorite dishes, and now I make the best fried chicken you’ve ever tasted. I launched my blog and YouTube channel in 2014 to share my recipes as The Deglutenizer.

What kind of content do you make?
I cook in front of a camera! On YouTube, I produce edited theme-specific videos that typically cover one recipe demo for each video. When I live-stream on twitch, I try to cover more in-depth topics like flavor theory, the history and evolution of a dish, the difference between the original recipe and how I developed my gluten-free version, etc. Associated with those platforms are multiple social media channels and my website at

As I grow The Deglutenizer on the different platforms, I want to ensure the content is appropriate and attractive to the users on each platform. I keep my blog, YouTube, and social media at a soft PG and semi-professional (the worst word I’ll use is “crap,” usually to describe store-bought gluten-free products, and I usually try to appear business-casual). Users on twitch and discord seem to be more interested in an “authentic” version of me. They get the me that’s tired and sweaty after an 8-hour day at work, or the me that swears like a sailor when all the spatulas are in the dishwasher and I need one to flip the egg that’s now over-cooking in the pan.

My goal right now is to produce one blog post and YouTube video every other week and two live-streams on twitch per week.

How will you use my Patron membership to create new content?
Wow, I’m so excited to tell you about some of the projects I’m planning!

First, my old videos from when I first launched my blog and YouTube are BAD in all-caps. Just the absolute worst. I’d love to re-make them and re-publish those ancient blog posts with updates to my recipes. At the same time, I still have so many new dishes to share! Unfortunately to do it all, I need manpower and hours of video shooting and editing. I don’t have that, it’s just me producing all this content. I would love to throw some cash at the local college kids in the Digital Media program where I graduated and get that manpower I need, plus help them get credit for their classes.

Speaking of producing video content, special equipment is needed to record and edit video and audio. I’d like to get some lapel microphones, streaming-capable HD cameras, professional quality tripods and mounts, and a few studio lights. In addition to equipment, Adobe CC is the industry standard for video and audio editing and production, and it's only available by monthly subscription.

When I was just doing a single dish in my YouTube videos, it was easy enough to work into my regular food budget. Now that I’m also live-streaming multiple dishes on each twitch broadcast, ingredients are getting a little costly. There’s only so many times I can host a stream for rice and beans. Your membership can ease those costs so I can start demonstrating how to prepare some seafood dishes or elaborate avocado toasts.

I would love to add some travel content to my catalog. I’m intrigued by the idea of whether I can easily find satisfying gluten-free options at airports, convention halls or arenas, or even on a road trip through Florida (or another state). If I stay at a hotel, do they offer a kitchenette where I can prepare my own meals, can I trust room service if they offer a gluten-free option, or will I have to eat out for every meal? If I cook on the road, will I be able to find gluten-free products at the local grocery store?

Finally, I really want to make content that people want and need to see. I feel that cooking in general is an essential life skill, and everyone should have a few simple, balanced, and delicious meals in their repertoire. Even if you aren’t gluten-free, you should understand the basics in the kitchen.

I need just a little more convincing to become a Patron…
Well then do I have a deal for you! Patronage comes with all kinds of cool rewards and personal access to my unique brand of expertise. Patrons will receive access to the Patron-Only feed, plus see all kinds of content early! Everything from new edited video content and blog posts to event announcements and sneak peeks at upcoming projects. With Patron-Only access, you can send your feedback on my latest content, which recipes I should deglutenize next, and vote for your favorite options in a variety of polls!

Don’t miss out on these awesome Patron perks! Become a Patron today!

And to everyone who supports me and my work, my deepest thanks.-Jamie (The Deglutenizer)
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When I reach $200 per month, I’ll do a live stream cross-platform on twitch and YouTube demonstrating how I make a chicken and seafood paella.
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