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About The Delicious Legacy

Imagine yourself dining with Socrates, Plato, or Pythagoras... maybe even Cicero and Julius Caesar...or try and picture the richness of fruits and vegetables in the lush Hanging Gardens of Babylon...what foods did our ancestors ate?
How did all begin? Why am I so hooked on ancient recipes and ingredients? Is the food delicious? Wholesome? Do you need to know? I think so!
Archestratus -the first ever gourmand-  wrote a poem called ‘Hedypatheia‘ (meaning “Pleasant Living” or “Life of Luxury”). The poem has long since been lost but we have access to a few surviving fragments of it. In it, Archestratus shows just how cosmopolitan classical Greek food had become, drawing on food from throughout the known Mediterranean world at the time. He gives advice on how to pick out the best food, and where to travel to get it. He was the father of Gastronomy! I had to know more!
Recipes, ingredients, ways of cooking. Timeless and continuous yet unique and perhaps so alien to us now days. Staple ingredients of the Mediterranean world -as we think now- like tomatoes, potatoes, rice, peppers, didn't exist. What did they eat? We will travel and imagine to eat like a Greek Philosopher in a symposium in Athens, as a Roman Emperor or as a rich merchant in the last night in Pompeii......Lavish dinners, exotic ingredients, barbaric elements, all intertwined...Stay tuned and find out more here, in 'The Delicious Legacy' Podcast!
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