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About The Deprogrammer

The Deprogrammer on Youtube // is creating short documentaries and unique multimedia educational materials exposing & connecting dots to create an emerging understanding of the rising normalization of pedoculture and transgenderism/transhumanism and explore the roots of these ideologies and practices. The Deprogrammer promotes free thought and speech and researches and presents about topics at the intersections of patriarchy, colonialism, social engineering, "queer theory", transgenderism, transhumanism & posthumanism, eugenics, pedophilia, sex robots, and more.

Women Against Sex Bots //
 is creating original content & analysis (currently being published on YoutubeTwitter (BANNED) & Tumblr and Instagram) to help people deprogram themselves from the harmful & toxic messages contained in propaganda promoting "sex robots" & dolls. Propaganda created to promote "sex robots" serves multiple purposes --other than sales-- and Women Against Sex Bots intend to examine as many angles as possible. "Sex robots" are a global public health & safety concern and Women Against Sex Bots will work to elevate this issue until every woman, man, and child understands the dangers posed to our human existence. Women Against Sex Bots is in alignment with the Campaign Against Sex Robots and with the views expressed in their published position paper, The Asymmetrical ‘Relationship’: Parallels Between Prostitution and the Development of Sex Robots.

The Deprogrammer // Women Against Sex Bots is making unique content like you've never seen before as we stand staring into the face of a cold, mechanical, brave new world...a patriarchal death cult thousands of years or more in the making.

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