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        About The Developer Guy

        Before introduction: let's meet at my site, my Facebook page, follow on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel or visit my GitHub repos!

        Hey there!

        You were always amused by the cool and new gadgets, am I right?
        I admit, I always loved everything that runs on electricity or has some gears in it.
        No wonder I got LEGO for each Christmas or that I joined the Electronics Club in elementary school.

        But all these were considered "nerdy" and nerds are not cool, right?
        Maybe the first projects are not THAT cool: making some LEDs blink or tinkering digital dice to show a random number when a button is pressed, well, that's almost lame. But making a bug and eavesdrop is serious 007-level stuff, especially when the bug can be controlled remotely to go anywhere. So, are nerds still lame? Not in the 21st century!

        Making robots is cool. Making gadgets is also cool. But the learning materials are boring. Why read a textbook if you can watch a video?

        If you support my work I will be able to make spectacular projects which can teach programming and electronics the entertaining way. This includes documentation (schematics, source code on GitHub) so if your muse is on vacation you can get some inspiration too!
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