Dick Masterson is creating The Dick Show

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GFY Dick

For years, you've told me to go fuck myself. For a dollar a month, I'll tell the same thing to you. At this level, you'll get a special Go Fuck Yourself on the s...

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Dick Rage Lottery Ticket

I've gotten billions of emails from people asking me to talk about their favorite topic on the show. To satisfy your craving for Dick, I'll be doing...

$5 /mo
Dick Extension

You want more Dick? You got it. At this level, we'll record a bonus episode once a month just for subscribers. You'll also get two Rage Lottery tickets and a very special GFY.

$10 /mo
Private Dick

Don't rely on leaked screenshots for your Dick fix anymore. At this level, you'll get access to additional behind the scenes bonus content. Get your questions a...

$20 /mo
Dick In Your Face

Not getting enough live Dick from Chatroulette? At this level, you'll get a live access feed to Dick & Co as we entertain you. If this technology does ...