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Welcome to our Patreon!

What Is The Digital Fix?
The Digital Fix is an entertainment website based in the UK. We focus on films, games, TV, music and geek culture. We started in 1999, originally known as DVD Times, but our growth in terms of subject matter meant we relaunched in 2010 under the current name.

We have a dedicated and brilliant team of writers creating some fantastic unique content but the world of online publishing is changing. We want to keep up and create even more content and features.

We have recently added new tiers to our Patreon page aimed at sponsors - it'd be lovely if some of these options were taken up, but we don't expect our users to put up that level of cash!

Why are we setting up this Patreon?
Until now, The Digital Fix has relied on advertising and affiliate income to pay for its existence. Unfortunately that income is reducing monthly and we're keen to explore new avenues to ensure the continued existence of the site AND to allow us to grow.

Patreon is one of those options. 

Every penny we receive through Patreon will be used to pay our writers to create NEW and original exciting content. None of the money will be spent on anything other than content. Our hosting and other costs are already covered through advertising income and affiliate links.

Our Values
We are dedicated to creating new content that is both exciting AND informative. We are an inclusive publication and we are striving to create content to appeal to as wide a range of people from different backgrounds as possible. To this end some of the money we receive via Patreon will be ring fenced to pay for content written by and aimed at marginalised groups.

We are also founding members of UK Film Blogs and abide by the UK Film Blogs charter which is published here:

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You'll be helping us ensure the long-term future of the site by giving us a pot of money to pay for regular exciting new content
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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