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About The Discarded Image

The Discarded Image started on Vimeo, when I turned an old blog I had written about the famous beach scene from Jaws into a video essay. It was well received (Slate, IndieWire, BBC, BFI, etc), so I was encouraged to put out more, and completed the 5-part video series on the New Hollywood “Movie Brats”. I eventually launched TDI on YouTube, where I continued looking at the filmmaking craft I've studied all my life. I can't remember a time when I wasn't obsessed with film

While The Discarded Image has started working with sponsors, it still needs your help. The channel is still in its early growth, and needs as much support as it can get to keep the videos coming out. Plus I would like to focus on the subjects I'm passionate about discussing, as opposed to being concerned about what will generate big views on YouTube.

I aim to put out a video at least once a month, but would like to push to twice a month, working with collaborators to help me do that. However, that's only be feasible with more support. And you have the option to set a monthly limit on your contributions, in the event that happens. 

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