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Kobolds are one of my favorite creatures because they form the backbone of a monstrous endeavor.

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About Luke Hart

About Me

My name's Luke Hart, and I'm a dungeon master. I create D&D videos to help other DMs run awesome games. 

Here's an example of my work:

Why Patreon?

Since all the videos I create are free over on my YouTube channel, what's the point of having a Patreon? 

First, it provides an additional venue for folks to say "thank you" for the videos I create. And not only that, but to partner with me as I create videos to help other dungeon masters.

It also allows me to provide a way that I can offer even further value to everyone: the ability to guide the direction of which videos I create, monthly patron hangouts with me, one-on-one consultations, and even playing in a game with me as the Dungeon Master.

My Pledge to You

My entire goal with creating all the videos I make, having the live stream Q&A hangouts on my channel, and talking with folks on Discord is to help other dungeon masters.

That same commitment to help others obviously extends to my patrons. My desire is to offer you as much value as I can and to do right by you. If you ever have a suggestion (or a gripe!) please feel free to reach out to me.
36 of 50 patrons
Once I hit 50 patrons, I'll create a cool skit video for you all, featuring the Rogue, the Fighter, the Wizard, the Barbarian, and the Warlock. And you all get to help decide what the skit is about!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts
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