Donna Shaw is creating original musical entertainment for the elderly and veterans

tithe to our ministry

$1 /mo
The donna shaw show appreciates your love and support. Every little bit helps. Supporting our show and ministry, is like a tithe. God bless you

higher calling

$5 /mo
The Donna Shaw Show recognizes it was put on your spirit to support our ministry. Send me a message on google plus or facebook and I will contact and pray for you on an ongoing basis.

Gift from God

$20 /mo
God has led you to support our work. God has led me to send your choice of one of my CDs. I will also offer a 25% discount on any other CDs upon request. I have original as well as cover tunes.  Pl...

Holy Partnership

$50 /mo
I will write an original song on the topic of your choice. I will even make a music video upon request.  I will keep you updated on the latest developments and take special request. Contact me for ...