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1. a joint formed by one or more tapered projections (tenons) on one piece which interlock with corresponding notches or recesses (mortises) in another.
1. join together by means of a dovetail.
synonyms: joint, join, fit together, link, interlock, splice, mortise, tenon

Hey, everyone! I'm Pamela Punzalan - aka, Pammu, or the Dovetailor - and I'm a former cultural studies academic, a forever fandom studies enthusiast, feminist, indie geek journalist, writer, community manager, and game designer. From where I am - Metro Manila - and through who I am - bisexual, POC and third culture kid - I hope to create worlds that show the things that matter to me and my own, and explore possibilities that we don't often get to see played out in the real world! 

In addition to helping me tell more stories and lend my voice to the community, you'll also be funding my speaking engagements for Play Without Apology and beyond. I am often called in to give lectures, seminars and talks on fandom and feminism, Help me pass the mic to people who deserve to be heard.
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Full access to the Discord, where I talk shop, interact with friends and patrons, and drop sneak peaks for all my creative projects.

Access to patron-only polls, and chances to have suggestions and ideas integrated into game, fiction, and article content.

Full access to fiction and lore written for homebrews, kitbashes, and hacks of other games that I put together.

Inclusion in credit pages for my fiction, lore releases, micro-RPGs, modules, and long RPGs.

Access to sales and major discounts on released games.

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All benefits from the Good Folk. 

Early access to any released modules/game hacks across any systems I do things for.

Free access to any Micro-RPG I release.

Partial access to excerpts for my works of fiction and my non-fiction: short stories, novellas, novels, articles, et al.

Partial access to excerpts of lore bits for all RPG releases of mine - small RPGs, mid-sized RPGs, and long RPG projects.

Priority slots for online and IRL playtesting of games and oneshots.

Priority slots for article requests, and editing/sensitivity reading commissions.  

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All benefits from Vainglorious.

Free access to small RPG releases (10-30+ page games!). 

Free access to my smaller works of fiction (short stories, novellas) and articles/non-fiction work.  Partial access to my longer fictional works.

Priority slots for requesting me to create modules, game hacks, or Micro-RPGs for you.

Malice Kings
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All benefits from the Peshmerga.

Free access to all of my mid-sized RPG releases (games that are about 30-100 pages) and any expansions under their titles.

Free access to long fiction projects (i.e. novels, series) that I release. 

Priority slots for creating small RPGs of your choice.

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All benefits from the Malice Kings Tier.

Free access to all of long RPG projects and their expansions. 

Priority slots for fully incorporating your requests and ideas in the lore, main game, and expansions of any mid-sized or long RPG project of mine. 

Priority slots for creating mid-sized RPGs of your choice. 

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Help me build a good base for financing not only myself, but other creators on Patreon, my website Play Without Apology, and for commissioning artists, contributing writers, and readers/editors for future projects, most especially the larger tabletop roleplaying games that I have planned!
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