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is creating Art and Crafts
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About Ashley Warren

Hello, my name is Ashley Warren.

I am the owner and creator of "The Dragon's Butterfly", an Art and Crafts business.

I paint fantasy. I am particularly fond of dragons! I also enjoy painting Spiritual Geometry. I enjoy creating what I see in my mind and putting it on canvas in a way that others can experience it. I do this because it makes my heart sing. I also do this because I want others to know they can do it to. This is what my heart tells me to do, and I hope others are inspired to find what makes their heart sing and do it.
I am also learning how to crochet.

Why support me?

I hope that you will become a Patreon and help me continue to develop this into my career. This will allow me to keep my paintings and crafts at a lower price so that more people can enjoy them. It will also allow me to contribute to other Patreons!
Your support will help me buy supplies and for expenses of having a website and keeping The Dragon's Butterfly running.

Thank you so much for stopping by my page!
See my etsy page for my current items for sale.
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This goal will give me the feels.
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