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You recognize that the ideas within this podcast have been formed over the course of several years, and so the value attributed to their development and communication is not based on the overall amount of content, but instead in the value of the ideas themselves.



About The Dream Flow

1-2 New Episodes Every Month.

The Dream Flow is a Science Fiction Philosophy Podcast considering the future of culture, philosophy, and religion within a worldview where the Earth is worshipped as the conceptual representation of God.

This podcast will have several stages as it evolves:

The first stage will be a relatively dense philosophical argument explaining the reasons for such a worldview from a first-principle perspective.

The second stage will be considering the realistic positives and negatives of such a shift.

The third stage will be exploring ideas for how such a worldview could be applied to various elements of a future society.

The fourth stage will be a series of conversations with other people to discuss how such a worldview would apply to our day-to-day lives.

Some of these stages may intermingle in the near future, and I expect many of them will apply to various episodes.

We will be offering other benefits in the future, however we are gauging interest in the overall concept first before promising any benefits for additional tiers. Possible benefits include suggesting topics to cover, Q&A Sessions, and Live Streams, so please let us know what you may be interested so we can offer additional services.

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