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About The Drunk Knitter (Safiyyah Talley)

My name is Safiyyah and I am the Drunk Knitter.  This is the patreon page for The Drunk Knitter podcast, but you may also know me as a knitwear designer, online knitting instructor, unapologetic feminist and box wine enthusiast!  

The Drunk Knitter Podcast is a comedic trainwreck of a knitting show where I pour rum in my coffee mug and blab about all things knitty and boozy.  Sometimes we talk crafting fails, pets, booze and uh more booze.  Yes it's a mess, but it's a heck of a good time!   

But this hot mess need your help!   We currently film on location in our middle of nowhere home with no wifi!  So every episode upload is an 8 hour labor of love from the comforts of the nearest truck stop.  By pledging as a patron, you are not only keeping me from spending too much time at truck stops, but you are also ensuring more frequent posting, longer podcasts, and higher quality content.  
Anywho, if you love the podcast, and wish to show your love, I invite you to become a patreon! 


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