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We don't know much about tiers and support, so we apologize if this seems hokey.  But...Level 1 Support gets you access to a Patreon only monthly podcast plus shoutout on the next episode of "The Dubs".  

After 6 months of support, you get an AWESOME High Quality Vinyl Dubs Sticker for your car!

After 12 months of support, you get  to join us on "The Dubs" on a show of your choosing!  

After 18 months of support, you get an AWESOMER (What?!?!) "Dubs" Mug!  

After 24 months of support, you get an SUPER AWESOMER (Really?!?!) "Dubs" Logo Tee Shirt!

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You want to give us a little more?!?  Really?!?  We will make it worth your while!  Help us with our monthly podcast fees and receive the same benefits as Level 1 plus we will always throw something else in with the standard shipments (I have soooo much Disney memorabilia and stuff that needs a good home!  LOL!)  In the Level 2 Tier, you'll have to take a little on faith that your "perk" will be worth your time...but trust us!

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Now, why do you want to give us this money?!?  We aren't that good! LOL!  

I promise that we will go above and beyond to make your contribution appreciated.  You'll get the Level 1 tiers and much more!  

Yeah...I know that this is a little vague, but if you know anything about us, you know that we will go above and beyond to assure that you know you are appreciated!




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Roughly 4.5 years ago, we entered into the podcast realm with our version of a Disney-based entertainment show.  The Dub Dee Dub Revue Podcast began with a few roughly scripted shows, but over time we felt that we could improve the show quality, make people smile, and ultimately share our love for Disney with the listeners.  245+ episodes later, we are still going strong and love producing great weekly content.
What we didn't know was how much work was involved in putting out a weekly podcast.  Over time we have refined our process, greatly improved the quality of our sound, came up with new and original show ideas, and most importantly...kept the shows FUN!!  And the listeners and downloads grew.  And grew.  And grew.  Before our very eyes, "The Dubs" was becoming transformed from a fun weekly show into a bookmarked podcast destination.  It was our incredibly good fortune that the listeners of our show quickly became our friends, and our friends formed an amazing supportive community called "EDCOT"!  The EDCOT community is where the idea of a Patreon page was born.

Through this success, we realized a few things...
1.  Doing this show "correctly" involved a significant commitment both in terms of time and money.
2.  Monetarily, sponsors were ready and willing!  But exclusive sponsorship meant that we would have to ignore our promoting our friends small businesses and creative pursuits.  Without knowing how to balance the paid sponsors and the commitment to our friends, we felt like we turned our backs on those most important to us.   
3.  For our continued growth, we would need to evolve and expand.  But expansion, again, requires larger commitment.  So for the time being, we were content with doing 1 show per week.  But we felt we could give more, so in Spring of 2019 we started with a Disney News show (every other week) in addition to the regular Dubs content!  (But our ideas don't stop there!  We have plans on streaming live shows, a YouTube channel, meetups ,like the Indy Disney Meet in 2018 & 2019, and NEW spin-off podcasts!)
4.  Expanding would become costly.  Up to this point, "The Dubs" has been self funded, but in order to continue growing, produce great content, and stay true to our mission we are hoping to appeal to anyone who might be willing to help support us.  In the near future, we will need to purchase new microphones, recording and editing software, a small mixing board, and a backup digital external recorder.  UGH!  Now...truth be told, we will need to buy these items whether anyone helps or not, but the support of our friends would sure be helpful.

We know that times are tough and discretionary spending is limited, so if you can't problem.  Please continue to listen and share the show.  If you can help (with as little as a $2 per month) we would be SO GRATEFUL!   

Thank you for your time - 
Chris, Stacey, Pete and Michael

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