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The podcast supporters are the group that helps out with medical bills, living expenses, etc. and are a huge part of The Eh Day Podcast. 

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The second level of sponsorship is the same as the first, but with a guaranteed Skype call from Cuzi once per month. We can talk about whatever you'd like, from his medical progress to your dog's potty training regimen.

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Let's be honest. Nobody is spending this much on a podcast that isn't super popular. This one is the unicorn of all podcast sponsor levels. At this level, I will have you as a guest on a minimum one hour podcast (even longer if you're spunky). 




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About The Eh Day Podcast

The Eh Day Podcast is a podcast dedicated to subjects such as entertainment, mental health, and everything in between. After suffering a severe neck / upper back injury in 2012, Jordan (aka Cuzi) has been diagnosed with a severe herniation in a few discs in his neck which has a very high risk of paralysis. Instead of going bored waiting for surgery, he has taken on this new endeavour of podcasting. Donations are not necessary, but are much appreciated to help pay for treatment and living expenses. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to throw a message to him on twitter @theehdaypodcast.

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