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Salutations Chronicle of Elyria fans!

After an already successful Kickstarter campaign for this new MMORPG from Soulbound Studios, I decided to help add a bit of life to the community by providing a news source for in-character point of view of Elyria. I have quickly found that many of you have supported the Elyria Herald and have encouraged me to take it to the next level! There are many news outlets that are and will continue to cover the same dev journals and updates, but we are seeking to bring the vibrant voices of role play to center stage. 

How does this benefit those of you who play CoE? Hopefully in a few ways. Our goal for The Elyria Herald is to become not only an out of game news source but in game as well. We will cover news from all Kingdoms & Servers (NA & EU to start) and will give those who might be wandering the badlands a place to see what's happening all around the world of Elyria. Missed who just became the new King or Queen? We have that covered among many other stories. 

There are a few ways we want to stand out as a news resource, and since we can control what that looks like out of game, and adapt later to how the game mechanics work to take TEH in game. Let's focus on out of game for now. 

Patreon Goals:

$100/mo - Sustainable Website Hosting & Upgrades!
$500/mo - Continuing News Weekly + Custom Artwork!

$1000/mo - Elyria Herald on all Official Servers + Classifieds!
$3000/mo - Artwork for all Front Page stories + Free Prints! 
$5000/mo - Dedicated Comics!


Exposition Goals

- Obituaries to report on recent deaths of notable (or not) people across the Kingdoms
- Wanted Individuals for those who have a bounty on their head
- Missed Connections for those who were "Ships passing in the night"

There are many ideas that can be incorporated to bring news and to give people a voice again. We are hopeful to get in as early as possible and at this point I am a proud Bloodline Backer getting in during both Beta test periods to test game play mechanics and then the Exposition!

If you want to support the Role Playing voices and help build a news source in Elyria, please consider becoming a patron! It's been a huge honor to even get to this point! Thank you to all of you who are already avid readers at The Elyria Herald.
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Successfully building a following of readers will cover all the ongoing costs for hosting & updating The Elyria Herald website for North America! Hitting this amount will allow us to begin building out the new areas on The Elyria Herald's website including Guild Recruitment Classifieds, Write the Editor Column, and Official Kingdom statements to recent events or stories! 

Also, Unlock the Next goal: Continuing News several times a week! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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