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  • You choose to help me out and support me and I can only thank you for that! 

  • You get access to my Patreon-exclusive feed with news and upcoming events.
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Awesome! With this pledge you have access to my tutorials at least a week in advance. 
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Hey now! With a this pledge, you get access to my project files for FL Studio* (11.1 - VSTs not included but one-shot samples are!) in addition to everything from the other tiers!

* Please note, the project files are for EDUCATIONAL use only since they are protected under copyright.




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Hey guys, Nigel here! My life has gotten to a point where I feel like I want to help people out musically for a living..and I'm lucky enough to be doing that as we speak through my tutorials on YouTube. I've always wanted to become a teacher but I never knew of what exactly until just recently.

With every pledge you make, no matter how small or big the amount, I'm able to fund not only the tutorials for you guys and gals, but I can even afford to purchase sample packs and VSTs for you upon requests or giveaways. On top of that, I'm also gonna be providing entertainment on non-tutorial days such as game reviews or podcasts.

Thank you for reading!
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If we hit this amazing goal, not only will I be eternally grateful for your contributions, but I'll finally be able to do this semi full time and be able to push out 2 tutorials per week (that's 8 per month)! This includes everything from in-depth look at mixing and mastering, to a complete song deconstruction to figure out how "x" achieved that sound. 

On top of that, I'll be able to give something back to you guys in the form of hardware and sample pack giveaways!
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