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On average I shall release 8 paragraph's per month (including around 750 words per paragraph). With this tier  you'll be pledging per paragraph. You can  set a "monthly max" if you only want to support a certain amount per month.

Besides keeping The Evelyn Diaries alive and kicking and supporting my work, you'll also be getting my research notes for each paragraph. This way you'll get a glimpse of the work I'm putting in, and also a lot of background information.

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You decide the amount of the pledge, all I can offer you is a sincere thank you from me. Thank you for supporting The Evelyn Diaries and keeping me going!!

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With The Evelyn Diaries I am trying to publish a book in a new way. Publishing the book paragraph by paragraph every week trough the website. With this pledge you'll buy the book, while it's developing.

I've looked at the average bookselling price at different online retailers. A book like The Evelyn Diaries could retail for a price between $16,- and $27,-. Adding these two and dividing them by two brings the average retail price of The Evelyn Diaries to $21,50.




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About The Evelyn Diaries

Hi, I am the creator of The Evelyn Diaries, a web based story about Nova, the choices she has to make after the death of her sister, how these choices will impact the world and how perspective can change the way we look at things. This description honestly doesn't do the story justice so I invite you to head over to my website and start reading!

The idea behind The Evelyn Diaries is that twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, two paragraphs are released. You can see the website as a web based book, that slowly feeds you more and more, and hopefully makes you come back for more.

For now, the website is free to access to all, but it isn't free to make. Not only are am I talking about costs for hosting the website, each paragraph takes about 6-8 hours to write. I am doing this alone, from editing and doodling each drawing that goes with the paragraph to doing extensive research for everything I write down. Thats means I have to make sure all the historical facts I'm feeding you are correct, the journey Nova is taking makes sense and all the little details add up, so you can have the best reading experience possible

To that end, I have started this Patreon, I need your help, the help from our readers, to enable me to produce great content for you and keep you coming back!  

Thank you so much in advance,

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