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Thanks for joining Team TEDD!  We are beyond excited to have you here!

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Thanks for visiting me on Patreon! I'm assuming you made it here because you watch my videos and for that I want to sincerely thank you! And if you want to personally help continue to bring the content on my channel this is a perfect opportunity!  I want to start out by mentioning I will not gate content behind this patreon. 

The Everyday Dad is for everyone not just for Patrons.  But being a Patron will give you more guaranteed access to affect the process and me personally.

Who am I?

My name is Gary and I'm The Everyday Dad on YouTube. I make technology product reviews and tutorials mainly focusing on Cameras, Lights, Audio, all of the things that make video productions work.

By pledging, you'll be directly supporting the creation of all future videos.

What will the money be used for?

The most important thing the money will be used for is building a team to ensure that not only is the quality here at The Everyday Dad kept high but will allow us to do more and be more places then one person can do by themselves.  This will include an editor, graphic designer, heck maybe even a producer to make our live shows a little more enjoyable!  Additionally the funding will go towards attending all of the major technology expo's to ensure you the Patreon has the most up to date information on current video production trends.  Plus when funded we will not need to worry so much about the algorithm and ad revenue and can branch out for new video topics.

Do you have any other forms of income?
Yes I currently have a full time job that pays for my personal/family needs.  I monetize my videos to invest in the channel increasing quality and purchasing the tech that I check out on the channel.

How many videos will you put out a week?
I currently produce four videos a week.  During the week the focus is the cameras, lighting, audio video gear.  And on Saturdays we will do Reviewing the Cheapest where we see how good is a piece of cheap tech and also if we can destroy it!  It's a heck of a good time!

Will all your videos be on Video Production Gear?

Yes, I want to be able to help regular people out there realize that camera gear isn't too overly complicated and show you the capabilities of the gear and how to use it.

Important Notice to Patrons

My donation type is by month.  I release 4 videos a week and wouldn't want you to think I'm overcharging on a per video basis. What you donate is what you'll donate per month.

Gating Content
I will never gate my content.  
The Everyday Dad is for everyone, its not just for people that decide to invest in it (though I am super grateful for those that do).

I will not have tiers.  We will have one level of investment at $1, if you choose to do more awesome that would be greatly appreciated.  But every single dollar means more to me then you could possibly know.

Thanks again and Thanks for watching!
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At $250 we'll hire our very first graphic designer! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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