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The F6 Project is an attempt to hop off the relentless, speeding train of “technological progress” and take a step back. In the not too distant future, when the infatuation with megapixels has run its course and the film market has somehow managed to grow – despite all odds – a film Renaissance will continue to rumble through the pile of DSLR and mirrorless castaways in our land fills. People will scour the web searching for the answer to their question, "what happened to my love and joy of photography?” Maybe, just maybe they'll come across this web site. To those people I extend a warm welcome, inviting them to explore the unique, wonderful and even romantic side of photography as it once was, and can be again with this fine instrument named the Nikon F6; the finest 35mm film camera every created.

Thank you sincerely for considering helping keep the F6 Project on-line. Since 2009 when this little side project was launched it has become a bit of a beacon to film shooters around the world. Never did I imagine it would become what it has. As wonderful as that is, with growth comes increased commitment.

Each year as the annual hosting fees come due I reconsider whether it's worth continuing to self-fund the F6 Project or not. Recenty, generous readers from around the world have begun stepping forward providing encouragement and financial support to keep going. For this I am truly grateful.

If you've visited the F6 Project before and have found any of the information helpful, or encouraging, or fun, or anything - please consider chipping in to keep the lights on and the dog fed. Your support truly does help me keep writing and creating, experimenting, and diving into this marvelous camera to see what it's capable of, then sharing it with you all each month. So thank you again - sincerely - for considering helping me help you. Probably like you, I'm just in this for the fun of it.

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