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3 Sh*tty Stickers, mailed wherever you want. Send them to your worst enemy. Shock and horrify your grandmother. I don't care. I'll send them wherever you tell me. 

Message me to pick out specific ones, or don't and be surprised.  

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You've essentially bought me a coffee every month so I will draw a cup and mail it to you. Each one will be a unique, one of a kind original, so when I become Famou$ Mone¥ , you can sell it and make bank. Or just brag that yours turned out better than your friends, because yours was done on rainbow scratch-board and theirs was painted with dumb, boring coffee drippings. So lame. You win.

Included, of course, will be the 3 Sh*tty Stickers from Teir $2. Pick them out if you want, or don't sweat it and enjoy the surprise.


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About The Final Bam

The Final Bam

Heelloo. I am a gIrL.exe
I wAnt T0 bEcome Famou$ Mone¥.
h3333Lp Me dadDy</////3 🙃

Hi. My name is Booker Thibeaux. I am a genderfluid visual artist, writer, and game developer from Houston. Legally, do not eat the drawings. It is a joke. Non-legally, I cannot say. ;)

There are lots of mouths to feed. Why pay me?

I create visual novels with all minority characters, I paint Disney Princesses as furniture and give them horrible dad pun names (Chariel, Mulawn-mower, Snow White-Out), I draw horrendous off-brand sticker commissions. I do huge acrylic mixed media gallery pieces, I customize furniture, I sell clothing design, I sculpt, I draw wives, cats, and emo boyfriends, I get naked and trace myself, I wear the weirdest, most attention grabbing shit I can afford to put on my body, AND I CHASE CLOUT LIKE A PSYCHOPATH BECAUSE ART IS EXPENSIVE AND NOT A SUSTAINABLE CAREER AND MY CAT NEEDS TO GO TO COLLEGE SOMEDAY.  (Also, in the meanwhile, I am trans, disabled (I require a hearing aid and have chronic bladder issues) and my medication is over $300 a month, WITH INSURANCE.)

I do street shows in H-town and I'm always ready to hop in the whip--his name is Sasuke and you KNOW he zooms arms back-- to travel. For one show, Houston's Pancakes and Booze, I coaxed strangers to throw paint, glitter, and glue at a finished painting I'd covered in fake $100's. You know what your brain does when it thinks you're ruining real money? I got to find out as I watched hundreds of people react. People had emotional reactions. People told me stories I will never, ever forget. All because I asked them to shoot some Elmer's glue on a tacky piece of art.

I have a BS in psychology (3.9 GPA benchesss) and I'm currently seeking art therapy technique certification. My goal is eventually to become a fully fledged art therapist, but while I'm young and have energy, I wanna get W E I R D.

If you give me your money, I'll make that shit fucking move. I don't buy anything that isn't clearanced out or at my local Japanese dollar store. I use my tools until they're broken-- and then they're repurposed for other shit or incorporated into the art. Our dumb asses dumped all over the way Native people started life here-- by living simple, respecting what you have, and finding multiple purposes for every last thing that comes into your hands. I create beauty out of cheap trash-  recycled packaging, tinfoil, leftover supplies from hacked Ikea furniture, the shit so busted even Maxxinistas don't want it. If I pay more than $20 dollars to create a piece of art, I'm already pissed that I did it wrong. You know a big canvas can cost about a hundred bucks?! Naw, dude. I make my own canvases- I bought a bunch of canvas fabric in fun colors on clearance, I get frames for $3, staple it, and voila. 

Art should be 100% accessible. I do this because I love it. I love seeing people's faces light up when I create something for them, I love giving shit away for free, and I'd love to lower my prices to reflect how cheap it is for me to make shit--- HOWEVER, I need to get fuckin paid for  training, market research, overhead and supply costs. When I do a show, I can just make what I paid to rent the space. It requires a lot of flexibility and observation to see what people go for at each venue and capitalize on what they can afford. For my Atlanta Comicon show, I noticed people were only consistently buying my $1 Harry Potter Wands. So I invented Sh*tty Stickers, and for $2 dollars, I drew a horrible knock off monstrosity of their favorite characters. I paid ~$250 dollars rent on my table to be there. With those stickers, I pulled myself out of the red and made $45 profit. And for two whole dang dollars, I made people howl until they fucking cried.  

We're all broke. If a bazillion of you pay me a little bit, I can get more of my shit out there for low cost and for free. I want to release my panromantic fantasy visual novels as 69 (nice) cent mobile apps because black and brown queer and disabled people need to see themselves represented respectfully in anime and fantasy, and we need more stories featuring us. (I am white, queer, and disabled, but ya'll are my fucking people.)  I was raised and kicked out by some horrible monsters, I have buckets upon buckets of trauma (my therapist who worked for CPS for years put me in the top 10 most difficult cases he's had) but it's made me sharp, strong, and fucking tenacious. The first part of my life was a living hell, negotiating survival in a den of sociopaths. And now, I'm free, alive and safe.

Despite it's problems, I wake every single day to world full of love, hope, and beauty.  Help me secure the resources to capture it. I want you to see it too.   
$11 of $60 per month
w1LL tAtto0 peAch Emoj1 on human chASSis<3

P1cs oR gEt OUT?!>>>> @TheFinalBam
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