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About Mike Tod

Hello folks! It’s Mike Tod here. First of all, thank you for even just being here in the first place. If you’ve arrived at this page and are reading this right now, it means that 1) you’ve probably been listening to the podcast I make, called The Folk, and 2) it also means you are maybe even considering supporting the work that I’m doing. So even just for that, I am very grateful.

If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, you’ll know that I put everything I have into each episode. These are thoroughly researched investigations on the pioneers and unsung heros of Canadian folk. For Season One, when it’s all said and done, it will be 13 episodes total, which equals over 15 hours of audio content, at approximately 130,000 words and hundreds of newly discovered recordings. Each episode takes about 110 hours to make, and I completed it within a 9-month period. Remember, there are no books or in-depth biographies on any of the subjects I choose. Some are very rare, and some have sort of been unheard of until this podcast. So as you can imagine, making this podcast is a lot like a few different full time jobs in one. I research it, I write it, I record it, I produce it, and I edit it. And I am more than happy to do all of that because I truly believe in this project, it’s historical value and importance, and that I am dealing with something that is much bigger than myself.

What you need to know is that the research and writing phase for Season One was funded by a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, which I gratefully acknowledge. But the last few months of production a release have come directly out of my own pocket. I am not complaining – again, I have been more than happy to have done that.

But a few people have asked me how they can help with this project, a few people have said they would like to see it continue, that they really want to hear more episodes. This is how you can help

- First and foremost, just listening to the podcast and telling another person about it, in person, is already a HUGE help. I can’t thank you enough that you’ve invested your time in listening, and your effort in sharing it with others. So if you’ve been doing that, thank you!
- But number two, if you would like to hear more of these, if you want to see this project continue, if you want me to make a Second Season, I need to cover some financial costs and continue to make this my full time job so I can make an even better Second Season of this podcast.

So how can you do that? Well you are in the exact right place to do that. If you’re new to Patreon, like I am, this is a site where people like yourself can support people like myself to make the projects they’re making or continue doing the work that they’re doing. It is a monthly contribution, and it is a contribution to the process of creation. I have been more than happy to have provided an entire, in-depth, thoroughly researched and thought out First Season of the podcast to you for free – I really wanted to prove to people the high level of content that I am capable of creating. But for me to continue creating, I will need your help.

So I have one goal for right now:

The second that I hit $2,300 in monthly contributions, I will immediately start researching and writing the Second Season of this podcast. That’s just 230 people contributing $10 a month. And $10 a month is like 2 Americano’s, or 3 drip coffees. So for the price of a few coffees a month, you’ll be ensuring that a Second Season of this podcast gets created. I already have some pretty wild story ideas, and a ton of rare recordings in my library that I’m ready to dive into, so as soon as I hit that first goal, I will be able to dedicate myself full time to the research and writing of a Second Season. The sooner I hit that goal, the sooner I can start, and the sooner you’ll be able to hear that Second Season.

After that, if I hit my stretch goal, it will mean that I’ll be able to afford equipment and upkeep for a home studio so that I can be totally, 100%, making these things independently. But we can chat about that later.

Having said all that, there are a bunch of different levels that you can contribute at. What you want to do is have a look at the top of this page to view the levels and choose the one that works best for you.

Like I said, I am mighty grateful that you’ve just arrived here in the first place. Super grateful you’ve been listening to the podcast. And certainly more than grateful that you’re considering supporting this work. Any bit helps. I believe Pete Seeger calls it the tea spoon brigade … every tea spoon, every little bit helps! So let’s make another season of this thing, shall we? Until next time, take care out there, and we’ll talk with ya again soon.
$66 of $2,300 per month
The second that I hit $2,300 in monthly contributions, I will immediately start researching and writing the Second Season of this podcast. That’s just 230 people contributing $10 a month, which translates into a living wage for the research and writing phase of the next season. I already have some pretty crazy story ideas that I really want to dive into, and a ton of rare recordings to go along with those amazing stories, so once we've hit this target, I will be able to start immediately on making a Second Season happen!
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