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We are The FourFiftyOne, a podcast for the Resistance. Our hosts are Summer Brennan, Jesse Hirsch, and Jonathan Mann, two journalists and a musician discussing what it means to be an American in the age of Trump. Every week we process the latest political news, joined by a range of guests from the arts, media, academia, government, and anyone else we want to talk to. For more information and to listen to past episodes, go to

"The FourFiftyOne" takes its name from the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, set in a dystopian America where books are outlawed and any that are found are burned. The title comes from the temperature at which paper was thought to burst into flame.

"All is not lost...In a time of searing uncertainty, people are banding together to fight against what they see as the existential threat of a Trump presidency, and to create fresh hope where supplies have drastically dwindled...[The FourFiftyOne is] a podcast about what it means to live in a time when Trumpism is pushing through America—and what one can do to push back." —Fast Company
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Our first goal is to cover basic production costs to produce one 40-70 minute podcast every week.
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