The Friendly Pirates are creating dj mixes from exotic locations & videos of sailing adventures!

Scurvy Sea Dogs

$2 /creation
All Hand Hoy! 

Either for rum or fuel, your doubloons will keep us happy at sea! You now have access to a Patrons Only Activity Feed to enjoy the latest 3dektek Mix and Sailing Episodes

Deck Swab

$5 /creation
Thanks, Swabbies! 

Keeping White Pearl in shipshape is no easy task, but your generosity makes it achievable! In addition to the music and sailing episodes, you'll enjoy various


Booty Plunderer

$10 /creation
Surrender the Booty! 

Be prepared, thar be some serious treasure coming your way! Enjoy all video posts from The Friendly Pirates, plus receive a very special gift - A Monke...


First Mate

$25 /creation
Arggh, Matey! 

My First Mate is very important to me; therefore, in addition to the previous rewards, you'll have fun dressing up the neck of your favorite bottle o' rum with a homemade...


Sea Captain

$50 /creation
Avast, Me Hearties!

Your job is strenuous, so it's time to sit back and relax! Enjoy all previous rewards along with a very Special Gift chosen just for you! P...


Admiral of the Pirate Navy

$100 /creation
Shiver Me Timbers! 

Your love & generosity keeps the dream alive! What better way to celebrate than to hit the high seas together! An invitation is extended to ...