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is creating psychedelic metal, art, videos
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About The Frozen Heads

Who are The Frozen Heads ?
We are three dickhead art fags from upstate New York who excel at creating doomy, gloomy, psychedelic metal, smoking pot and creating visual art.  We're J. Sebastiano (guitar, vocals, engineering), Bud Montesano (Drums) and James Krone (Bass). We are also known to whip up a killer batch of magical Kool Aid that has been said to transport all who indulge in this sweet nectar to other plains of consciousness, thankfully, everybody has always managed to return unscathed with minimal lasting mental impact.

Our goal in life is to endlessly create otherworldly sonic fuckery, videos, artwork and even tour for anybody who is willing to join us on this trip into wherever the hell we're going.

Why are we panhandling on the internet ? 
We are panhandling on the internet because if not here, we would probably be somewhere downtown panhandling, and to be fair, it's near impossible to even score so much as a loosie these days, so we figured we'd take our chances in the vast electronic wilderness of the interwebs instead.

The reality is that the music industry as many already know is not what it used to be, and for independent artists like ourselves, and anyone who is more interested in creating art for arts sake as opposed to churning out cheap bubblegum products designed for little more than to profit off the backs of millions of people who consume music as if it were potato chips or fast food is pretty much fucked since there's not a whole lot of money to be made in exploiting an artist that is unwilling to play it safe, follow a formulaic ababacab approach.

Touring costs money... Equipment costs money... Rent and bills... and like most people who have decided to screw up their lives by becoming musicians and artists instead of going to trade school or sell out to the corporate world... We're all piss poor, working shit jobs and doing the best we can to support our families... Oh yeah... Shit... Does this make us a dad band by default ?

$9 of $1,000 per month
If we can hit 1,000 bucks a month, the first E.P. will get remastered and re released with bonus tracks within 6 months from the date. As well, our upcoming full length album will be released not only as a physical cd, and digital, but as a harcover art book including original pieces of weirdness created by all three of us.
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