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Others will have to pay, but the monthly $10 tier gets you in every time without further fees.

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About The Gait Guys

Our mission . . .

Unlike a written blog, the beauty of a podcast is that anyone can listen to our conversations whenever and wherever they want. The format of the long form, open format podcast discussion is growing on the web. But, sadly, many podcasts try to offset the behind the scenes costs and production time with lengthy boring commercials.  We tried that method, and we felt we were prostituting our means to recoup costs, we realized we were negatively impacting our listeners and we did not wish to whittle away at the trust we were attempting to develop with the listener.  Thus, in order to devote the continued necessary time to this work, which takes time from our private practices and has costly resources —and to expand the range of what we can do in this medium—the podcast must now become a source of income, without the commercials. We have made it to 140 shows so far, but it seems like the right time to ask you, our listeners, for a small helping hand so we can keep the shows and writings coming. As you may have noticed recently, the number of podcast releases has decline for the reasons of time, cost, and resources. We would like to change that and get back to regularly podcasting again, to bring you great new content.  And that is what we are going to do, podcast more. And now you can help make that happen, you can sponsor the show and blog directly through Patreon.

This was not our idea to be honest, our listeners requested that we create a page here at Patreon and forgo the commercials. You spoke up, we listened. But, we didn't want to make the transition right away, we wanted you to see that we were in this for the right reason, that being, bringing the world good honest content.  It had to be about the content first, not the funding. 
fUnlike one-time or monthly donations made through our website, Patreon allows you to give a specified amount whenever we release a new episode (it also lets you cap your total donation each month). This seems like a great way to support the work we care about. We have been offering our ideas, writings, podcasts and thoughts for free, for 10+ years now, but future projects are demanding more of our time to bring you new and innovative content ideas and platforms to learn from. So, if you feel you are getting a few dollars (or more) worth of value from the combined work we do each month, we would appreciate greatly any support you wish to offer. We aim to continue several written pieces coming your way each week on our numerous social platforms, and of course, bimonthly podcasts. Again, we hope that in doing all the work, and bringing it together for you, it will save you time and leave you with a sense of gratitude and a desire to support our efforts, even to the smallest degree. We would like to think we are saving you time by doing the research for you and putting it all in one place, our website,

***All Patreon supporters get early access to new and live events and exclusive access to private offerings which we hope to create in the future.  There will be other exclusive benefits to patreon supporters. We are listening to your ideas on this, so keep sending them !

We are tremendously honored to have a community of people who value what we do. And we look forward to taking our conversations in new innovative directions.

Many thanks for your help!
-Shawn & Ivo

*At about 50 combined years of clinical, teaching, and lecturing experience weighted in biomechanics, neurology, orthopedics, manual medicine, rehab, strength & conditioning, advanced gait and running knowledge Shawn ( and Ivo ( for many years have been delivering what is needed in the information/web age, that being the knowledge and experience to clarify some of the truths and dispel many of the myths that are abundant on the internet and in seminar halls when it comes to human locomotion.

Their blog has been active since early 2011 with over 1600 detailed entries. Their popular bimonthly podcast (140+ shows) is heard in over 80 countries and is used as a teaching tool along side the blog in many professional educational schools and venues. Their opinions and knowledge are highly sought after by many shoe, gait analysis and human performance companies as well as fellow physicians and therapists around the world.

Dr. Allen and Dr. Waerlop have consulted for major corporations and institutions like Vibram USA on the Five Fingers Shoe and numerous smaller companies to help with biomechanics and human movement ideas as they relate to a company's R&D, product review, product placement and sales.
They are proud to keep their views and opinions on various products truthful, research based and unbiased, for the sake of searching for the facts, uncovering the truth and dispelling myths put upon consumers.
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We hope that out of the many thousands of our readers and listeners globally, that our first goal of 500 generous souls will jump on board and make a small "thank you" donation each month, or even a one time gratitude contribution. These first 500 will attain a "Brethren" status with us and we will do all we can to ensure you perks in the future no one else can buy their way into. There are special projects in the works for 2019 and the first 500 are grandfathered in.
We hope that 9 years of free stuff, hard work on our part, has given you so much that you may feel it is time to return some karma so we can continue to produce good content and pay for the services, technology, web costs to keep us focused on this mission.
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