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Thank You!

$5 /mo
  • We will add you to our thank you page which will be displayed on our website and Facebook page!

Shoutout and Discord!

$10 /mo
  • You get the "Thank You!" reward.
  • You will be added as a shoutout at the bottom of a writer's piece of your choice!
  • You will also be invited to join an exclusive Discord wher...

Calling all members!

$25 /mo
  • You will get both rewards before this!
  • 5-minute Skype call with a Front Office member of your choosing! 
  • You will also receive a TGH laptop sticker (U.S. only for now)!

Staff Meeting!

$50 /mo
  • All previous rewards!
  • You will also have a chance to come to a staff meeting to listen in on what is going on with the crew!
  • You will receive a TGH wristband (U.S. only for now)!

Case and talk!

$100 /mo
  • All previous rewards!
  • Entered into a drawing for a chance to sit and talk with one of the TGH esports teams!
  • You will receive a TGH phone case (U.S only for now)!

Face time!

$250 /mo
  • All previous rewards!
  • Around a 30-to 45-minute sit down with the voting members of TGH and everyone else who has donated this and above! You can chat with them about their opinions ...

You're a star!

$500 /mo
  • All previous rewards!
  • Invited to join a podcast/show for an episode of your choosing!